Blood Milk Jewels

Belonging to the Darkness Ring. Purple Labradorite & Sterling Silver.


Blood Milk Jewels

Belonging to the Darkness Ring. Purple Labradorite & Sterling Silver.


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**Please note- this jewel is limited in nature and we do not foresee it being restocked for the foreseeable future.

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Dearest kindred one, this is for you, you know who you are:
Once upon a time, you didn’t belong to yourself. You made yourself small, you acquiesced, you sacrificed yourself on the pyre of a dream; a person who felt slightly rotten, a wild vision unrealized, an idea of yourself that couldn’t materialize. There was a slippage, you saw yourself in dreams, heard the whispered passwords for the way out, but woke up to the same blank abyss. The same haunting cycles that felt inescapable. Then one day you made a choice to begin to accept yourself. You carefully shook hands with your shadow, promising to recognize it and care for it rather than to press it down. You agreed you would pull the murky things from the root even if it bloodied your hands. You stared at the black hole inside you and winked rather than shrank away. There is a way in, there is a way out. These ways are filled with dry bones, with heaving sobs, with sleepless nights and misunderstandings with loved ones- but each day, that path towards acceptance strengthens you. I am there with you on the path even if it is my own.

This ring is comprised of an antique setting manipulated with my beloved sparrow claws grasping each side, set with onyx. Cast in sterling silver, each ring is hand oxidized to achieve our shade of stormy gray and then highlighted to reveal the bright luminous silver beneath.



- Sits 8mm off of the finger

- 25mm at it’s widest

- Solid sterling silver

- 11mm fine cut purple labradorite 


Purple Labradorite: 

These stones are hand cut and therefore may have very slight differences in size and may have small signs of the carver's hands along the edges. These are not fabricated by a machine, they are made by hand and therefore aren't uniformly perfect. The photographs accurately portray the quality of the stones and the cuts. 

Because these stones are somewhat limited, we are not able to accommodate requests for specific stone color preferences**



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 5 - 6 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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If you have further questions, we are always here to serve you in a kind and timely manner: via bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com