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Dream Skin. Chapter II. Mourning Bead Strand.


Blood Milk Jewels

Dream Skin. Chapter II. Mourning Bead Strand.


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Recently, I asked a friend about what books she was currently reading and she generously explained to me how sometimes it’s difficult for her to recover from a book. How stories and characters linger longer than she’d like them too. This resonated with me as there are certain books and author’s works that have become woven into me, that have inspired me; that have  changed the course of my life in some ways. I associated this lingering sensation to be akin to my dreaming life, how sometimes a dream or nightmare will stay with me, on me, like a second skin. A dream skin veiling me like a caul for hours or days. The dream world exists in all manner of art in the waking world, we also visit it each night, whether we remember it or not. We descend into the underworld of our unconscious and despite all the technological advances we have made, dreaming is still a mystery~ left to each of us to decide what they mean, if anything. 

Some days when we wake the dreams linger ~ the dreams when I’m visited by my beloved dead are especially beautiful/painful and I try to parse out what they were trying to say to me, their messages coded in their glances or their brief cameos. The dream skin always fades, even if I write it down, it doesn’t hold the same magic or terror of when it’s a veil over me. Perhaps you know this feeling too.


These pair of strands were made in homage of this feeling, to assist in recovering or remembering, with their highly tactile shapes and protective qualities in the chosen stones. Use them in meditation, rub or hold them in your hands or between your fingers when you need to feel grounded or less alone.

This strand is composed of onyx, spinel, and sterling silver beads. It measures 58 in length.  

At its closure is the larger version of our Pomegranate Clasp cast in sterling silver. A sister to our Dollhouse Pomegranate pendant, this clasp is delicate in size & tactile in nature making it easily held between the tips of your fingers and rubbed for comfort in times of grief, anxiety, dissociation, as well as during moments of joy and wonder. 

Pomegranates are a sacred symbol to me as they are sacred to Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld. Similar to how Eve was doomed the moment she bit from the apple, Persephone’s fate was sealed the moment she ate from the pomegranate, a few seeds bound her to the land of the dead and she became part of it, she belonged to it. This idea is used throughout other tales and narratives, eating the food of chthonic or otherworldly places binds you to them. A symbol of belonging. 



Onyx is best known for being a natural stone that acts as a kind of 'psychic armor' against the negativity of others. It is also used to sooth grief and heartbreak. It's a wonderful grounding stone and stone of self mastery, enabling its wearers to have mental and spiritual focus.


Spinel is a potent stone for healing and protection: working to help clear intense emotions such as anger and rage, it imbues its wearer with a sense of calm. It is also used to heal the physical body and has powerful metaphysical qualities, helping its wearer to feel strong, assisting with perseverance, especially when dealing with issues from the past that have become difficult to overcome. Much like Onyx, it also helps repel negativity from others.

Every bead is hand selected for its beauty. 



This strand is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 6 weeks for creation before shipping.          

*Length note: Because individual bead measurements vary slightly, total strand lengths are approximate within a few millimeters in either direction. Please reach out via email if you have any questions about this. 

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