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Nights with Nepenthe. Grey Moonstone Ritual Strand.


Blood Milk Jewels

Nights with Nepenthe. Grey Moonstone Ritual Strand.


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Nepenthe is a magical potion that appears in Greek literature, specifically, Homer's "The Odyssey" & means “that which chases away or banishes sorrow.” This fictional magic is believed to have originated from the ancient Egyptians, possibly derived from a plant, and while its effects do not last - it works by easing sorrow & grief & pain by way of forgetfulness - a temporary relief from our memories.

I think about this often, and most often at night: the idea of escaping my memories, of stepping out of time. I also think about all the things, people, sensory comforts we are able to choose for ourselves during those hard night time moments to chase away sorrow-the things I choose for myself in a panic when I feel sadness beginning to wash over me in the dark hours of deep night.

I wish Nepenthe was real. There is so much I want to forget, to have relief from, if only for a night. 

This strand of beads and its siblings in name, were designed to be especially tactile, specifically for use in comforting oneself through the touching / twirling / holding of the beads in whichever way that works for your and your body. It's my wish that this design brings you relief and comfort, allows you to step out of time, a memory, grief, if only for a moment.

Grey Moonstone shares many of the same metaphysical properties as the rest of the Moonstone family. It is closely tied to the moon, with some cultures believing the stone is solidified moon rays, while others think of them as embodiments of the moon's tears. Acting as a kind of Psychic armor, it is thought to protect its wearer from not only dark nights, but dark times; it helps sooth grief, loss, and other emotional turbulence. It is also a great tool for meditation and clairvoyance, & has been used in jewelry since ancient times for both its unique beauty and magic.

Unlike our previous Grey Moonstones, these beads are cool light tones of grey. Their flashes are shimmers of silvery white. As a natural stone, clarity and color varies, but know that each bead has been hand selected for its high quality.

This strand measures 40 inches long from end to end. At its closure is a double sided, 23mm textured full moon in sterling silver, hand oxidized and finished to achieve our signature shade of stormy gray. A tiny moon of your own to wear, to carry, to run your fingers over in times of worry or wonder.  

This 'Opera Length' makes it perfect for wearing doubled up as well as at its full length. Designed to compliment other jewels in the Mourning/Ritual bead line it also layers beautifully with other BloodMilk necklaces. Its length and varying bead sizes makes it useful for meditation, mourning or ritual practices.




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