Blood Milk Jewels

In The Eye of The Endless Night. One of a Kind Strand.


Blood Milk Jewels

In The Eye of The Endless Night. One of a Kind Strand.


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When you are in the Eye of the Storm, you are in the center of its cocoon. The storm swirls around you - but you are calm and safe. Step one toe out of this space and you may get caught up - but here, you are able to hold tightly to yourself, you are one with who you are. Hold these beads as a balm in this space, remember how they were made deep in the earth in a kind of storm as well. A kind of Endless Night. & contain a world within - just as you do. 

‘Some are born to sweet delight

Some are born to endless night’

-William Blake


This strand is composed of glittery, very dark, almost 'black' grey moonstones, larger, grey moonstones, and hollow sterling silver 'Pearl' beads that have been hand oxidized and lightly polished. Designed to be worn closer to the neck, this strand measures approximately 24 inches long from end to end, including clasp.

These shorter strands feel like a balm to me, when I’m wearing mine I find myself turning them around in my fingers, truly forging a relationship with these crystals. 

At its closure is our smaller, double sided Endless Night clasp cast in sterling silver. At the 'heart' of the strand is our smaller, double sided Endless Night Key. You can find information about the Endless Night Key HERE

As a special, bold statement piece, it also layers beautifully with other BloodMilk necklaces.

Grey Moonstone:

Grey moonstone shares many of the same metaphysical properties as the rest of the moonstone family. It is closely tied to the moon, with some cultures believing the stone is solidified moon rays, while others think of them as embodiments of the moon's tears. Acting as a kind of Psychic armor, it is thought to protect its wearer from not only dark nights, but dark times; it helps sooth grief, loss, and other emotional turbulence. 

Moonstone is also known for its powerful psychic abilities. Used to protect empaths & sensitives from absorbing other people's emotions, it is known to be used during meditation for connecting to ones inner selves. As a romantic stone, it is known to strengthen the bonds between lovers when given as gifts, especially during the full moon. 

As a natural stone, clarity and color varies; each bead has been hand selected for its quality.



This strand will ship within the next 4 weeks. 

*Length note: Because individual bead measurements vary slightly, total strand lengths are approximate within a few millimeters in either direction. Please reach out via email if you have any questions about this. 

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