Mouse & Owl. Alchemical rosary.



Mouse & Owl. Alchemical rosary.


Inspired by my recent interest in alchemy, and my previous interests in using cast animal & bird remnants in my work, this rosary is a fine balance of natural history, spiritual paths & alchemy.

The owl & the mouse are natural enemies, one hunts the other, the other is its small prey.
Here, two owl talons sculpted to form a crescent reside at the bottom of a triangle rosary center formed from tiny and delicate mouse bones.

Steeped in mythology & magic, the crescent is my favorite shape of the lunar phases of the moon. resembling a horned moon, a glowing sickle in the darkness of the night sky. Taking the shape of the moon at the end and the beginning of her journey, it also represents the thinnest part of her reveled during her cycle.

The crescent has also been associated with Diana, goddess of the hunt, the Egyptian goddess Isis as well as the Virgin Mary. the moon is known as feminine, potent energy.

In alchemy, it is associated with silver.

The owl has an interesting, contradictory place in lore. Like many other ominous birds are associated with the spirit realm and with having potent meditative qualities. Here, two smaller owl talons are sculpted to form a crescent moon, conjuring a nighttime aura for the owl is most alive at night.

The mouse is a small and tender creature, navigating the dark paths of life in blindness with stealth, shyness and quiet. In proximity to the alchemical symbol of the triangle it is given a more potent magic.

The first tier of the rosary is suspended from a 28 inch chain from end to end, interrupted by the small triangle rosary centerpiece. a second snip of bar link chain measure 2 3/4 inches from end to end holds the "jewel" of the piece, a crescent moon measuring a little over 1 inch long. 

The entire piece is sterling silver, hand oxidized to achieve my signature shady of gloomy gray.

 *Talons are sharp!



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