Original 2 of Swords. Tarot earrings.



Original 2 of Swords. Tarot earrings.


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Sitting beneath a crescent moon near the sea, a blindfolded, raven haired woman sits with her arms crossed over her heart, each hand holding a large sword. Much like the raven haired woman in the 8 of swords card I often reference, this woman is masked, yet here her arms are free, and she carries the heavy burden of protecting herself, both internally and externally, without seeing her enemy clearly. . . and in some ways, because of this, it is herself she is battling.

The 2 of Swords speaks of a closed heart, a refusal to see the truth, and yet also, of a warrior who is able to defend herself. As a sign, its presence asks the querent to be more open, to allow true emotion to be revealed.

The suite of Swords is my favorite aesthetic suite from the minor arcana. It speaks a lot of emotional turmoil, but always with the promise of change.

2 Swords, cast immortal in sterling silver & oxidized to a graduated gloomy gray from an antique freemason piece, hang against the throat of their wearer. Tendrils of the intricate details from the original were preserved in the mold, nicely contrasting with the elongated yet dangerous shape of the swords.

Each sword is a stunning 4 3/4 inches long & 1 inch wide at the cross bar

*Please note that due to the length of these earrings, they have a slight weight to them. I wear mine comfortably everyday but this is something to take into consideration.*

Each hangs from sterling hooks oxidized to match.

The first image is of artist Charmaine Olivia wearing the earrings.

The fifth image is of artist Kat Von D wearing a single earring.


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