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The Psychopomp. Moonstone Ring.


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The Psychopomp. Moonstone Ring.


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Psychopomps in myth are entities who assist in ferrying the newly dead to the Underworld; these can be in a “human” form such as Hekate or Hermes, or in animal form, such as sparrows or owls. Here, we’ve resurrected a much beloved and coveted ring from my earliest days, and reimagined it, adding life cast bat bones, marrying them with the same life cast sparrow claws from the first ring. These immortal sterling silver  “remains” cradle a fine cut gemstone of your choice, and echo a kind of traditional “engagement” ring, as the first iteration was meant to serve as a devotional ring to yourself, a declaration of accepting all of the sharp, inky, messy parts of yourself: your rage, your sadness, your bluntness, your inability to mask at all times, your awkwardness at social gatherings, your inability to say the right thing when you “need to”, your habit of saying the wrong thing on accident, of accepting that sometimes your hair might be out of place, that you might not pass, that you might stumble or bump into a piece of furniture in front of everyone, that you might use filler words too much when you speak, that you didn’t graduate from college like everyone else you know, that you feel incapable of climbing out of debt no matter how hard you try, that you can’t quite seem to feel good any day of the week, that you can’t quite seem to ‘get it right’. This first ring meant accepting these things, wearing a ring that meant belonging to all of the parts of yourself, saying ‘yes’ to every little part, no matter how much society says ‘no’.

Many years later, this newer version of this ring means all of these things, and it also means you have permission to change too, you have permission to face these things and to chip away at any of them and any of them I missed, and you have support too, you have a guide, a guardian, something to touch and turn on your finger to know you’re not alone, that I believe magic is real and you’re allowed to believe that too, in whatever way that word resonates for you. 

It’s my wish that you’re not alone. That you feel safe and protected, whether it’s with this ring or not, whether it’s with the pages of a book, with the kinship of others, with the hug of a friend or loved one, with just being seen and heard, with knowing you can be, with knowing someone else feels the same way and is working on it too, is also just accepting the same things about themselves too. 

Belonging to themselves, and belonging to each other. Helping each other cross thresholds.


Highly detailed cast sterling sparrow claws have been combined with bat bones to create this ring which is then oxidized to our signature gloomy grey and finished to reveal the highlights beneath. The sparrow claws are a detailed reincarnation of a real pair cast, and now made immortal.

Bats and their cast wing and leg bones have long been a component I’ve used in my visual library as a way of creating a personal visual language. As nocturnal creatures, I feel a kinship with their natural predilection for the night time hours, but I’m also interested in how they use sonar to ‘see’, how as a metaphor bats as liminal creatures also remind us to look closer with our other senses, a way of ‘seeing the unseen.’ It’s my hope and intention that pairing them with other chthonic imagery and myth further adds to the visual meaning I’m aiming for, creating a collage of personal ideas while also tethering these physical jeweled objects to the spirit of the bat ( and other natural objects in the case of other jewels in my collection ) and to the spirit of the myths I’m invoking.



- Solid sterling silver 

- Sits 7.5mm off of the finger

- Approximately 22mm at its widest

- 7.5mm hand cut fine cut round gemstone 

- Last photo shows Miguel wearing this ring nested with the Orpheus II ring, found here


Moonstone is closely tied to the moon, with some cultures believing the stone is solidified moon rays, while others think of them as embodiments of the moon's tears. Acting as a kind of Psychic armor, it is thought to protect its wearer from not only dark nights, but dark times; it helps sooth grief, loss, and other emotional turbulence.

Moonstone is known for its powerful psychic abilities. Used to protect empaths & sensitives from absorbing other people's emotions, it is also is known to be used during meditation for connecting to ones inner selves. As a romantic stone, it is known to strengthen the bonds between lovers when given as gifts, especially during the full moon.

As they are entirely natural, earth made stones, color and clarity will vary from stone to stone. Moonstone often has a milky appearance and natural inclusions that appear as lines or inner 'cracks.’ The flash will contain shades of blue, violet or teal, and occasionally hints of gold.

These jewels are hand cut and therefore may have very slight differences in size and may have small signs of the carver's hands along the edges. These are not fabricated by a machine, they are made by hand and therefore aren't uniformly perfect. The photographs accurately portray the quality of the stones and the cuts. 



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 6 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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