Blood Milk Jewels

Self-Portrait at the Threshold.


Blood Milk Jewels

Self-Portrait at the Threshold.


Standing at the threshold, taking a deep breath before stepping over into a  different place. 

Created in homage to Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld, this strand is meant to be a comfort or companion to those moving between - between worlds, between emotions, between people & places. For those who feel they don't belong anywhere...

Designed as a sister to  the Ascent /// Descent strand- the two can also be worn together. 


The’ Self-Portrait’ series was born after I had the opportunity to view the exhibition of Frida Kahlo’s personal belongings and clothing at the Brooklyn museum in 2019. 


I’ve been obsessed with a particular strand of beads via Frida Kahlo’s personal collection since I saw it in its glass vitrine amongst many other pieces of her personal wardrobe. During their marriage, Diego & Frida collected many artifacts of pre-Columbian sculpture, which would have possibly enabled her to get these beads directly from an archeological excavation - as they are believed to be Mayan Jade, ritually buried with the dead.

Beads and beaded necklaces have a long, long history and were handmade and valued in nearly every ancient society up to the present day - aside from their aesthetic and grave good usage, they were also a form of currency in some cultures. Frida hand strung beads to wear, despite their heft against her small body; in this way she tethered herself to the past just as I press myself to the/her past. The strand that inspired this one has a swirl of green paint she’s believed to have purposely left - a stroke caught in time - before it had been fully mixed to a cohesive green used in her paintings. I imagine it came from several shades on her palette, collected on a brush and then carefully smoothed over an ancient bead I viewed as part of a necklace a wounded artist wore during her life, excavated from her own ‘grave goods’ sealed for years and years and now released again, evidence of a person behind the legend, the towering ghost, the broken columned muse.


This strand is composed of smooth round and star cut onyx, as well as large clear quartz spheres and sterling silver 'pearls'. 


Onyx is best known for being a natural stone that acts as a kind of 'psychic armor' against the negativity of others. It is also used to sooth grief and heartbreak. It's a wonderful grounding stone and stone of self mastery, enabling its wearers to have mental and spiritual focus.

Clear Quartz:

Despite its ubiquitous accessibility within the crystal kingdom, clear quartz remains one of the most potent crystals one can own, considered to be the 'Master Healer' as it can be used to assist you with any issue. Thought to be a 'memory/record keeper' that enables recall of lost memories, it also helps amplifies spiritual pursuits and increases psychic awareness. The spherical shape, akin to the traditional 'crystal ball,'  has long been a symbol of divination and magic.

These beads are hand cut and therefore may have very slight differences in size and may have small signs of the carver's hands along the edges. These are not fabricated by a machine, they are made by hand and therefore aren't uniformly perfect. The photographs accurately portray the quality of the stones and the cuts. 

Each bead has been hand selected for its quality.

This strand measures approximately 26 inches long from end to end. At its closure is our larger Pomegranate Clasp cast in sterling silver. A sister to our Dollhouse Pomegranate pendant, this clasp is tactile in nature making it easily held between the tips of your fingers and rubbed for comfort in times of grief, anxiety, dissociation, as well as during moments of joy and wonder.  

Pomegranates are a sacred symbol to me as they are sacred to Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld. Similar to how Eve was doomed the moment she bit from the apple, Persephone’s fate was sealed the moment she ate from the pomegranate, a few seeds bound her to the land of the dead and she became part of it, she belonged to it. This idea is used throughout other tales and narratives, eating the food of chthonic or otherworldly places binds you to them. A symbol of belonging. 


* Last image shows Miguel wearing this strand ( shorter ) with the Onyx & Clear Quartz version of the Ascent / Decent Strand, found here.  



This strand is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 6 weeks for creation before shipping.          

*Length note: Because individual bead measurements vary slightly, total strand lengths are approximate within a few millimeters in either direction. Please reach out via email if you have any questions about this. 

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