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Selket. Large Scorpion Ring with Opal.


Blood Milk Jewels

Selket. Large Scorpion Ring with Opal.


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SPECIAL JEWEL: Please be mindful, this piece of jewelry is very limited based on the small number of opals we were able to source and it is therefore irreplaceable. For this reason we strongly advise Express Shipping, which will require a signature upon delivery, assuring it arrives safely in your hands. 

This ring will be created in the size of your choosing after you have made your purchase. Please email us with your referred size. Thank you.


Over 400 millions years old (older than the Dinosaur or the Spider) the ancient Scorpion has been an image of both destruction and healing over the ages. Like the Spider, it is both nocturnal and poisonous, carrying potent venom in its stinger as well as a fierce strength in its front pincers. Many species of Scorpion are subterranean, often waiting underground in solitude, emerging to ensnare and devour its prey. This links Scorpion the Underworld like Spider; its unconscious, instinctual nature helps him conquer transformation within the shadowy depths.

Selket is a Scorpion Goddess of antiquity via Ancient Egyptian times, whose roles including guarding the dead ( specifically the four canopic jars that held the viscera of the dead for the afterlife) and is associated with healing and magic. She is a threshold guardian, linking her to liminal spaces, much as Scorpion itself is linked with the seen and unseen realms. The venom of the Scorpion is seen as destructive but also self-healing, locking Scorpion in a circle of endless renewal and endless death, as Paracelsus said: ‘The Scorpion Cures the Scorpion.’

Often feared with venom strong enough in some species to mortally poison man, this Scorpion acts as a protective talisman and also a talisman of transformation. As an added layer of meaning: Scorpion also speaks to the Shadow Self of Carl Jung’s ideas on ‘Inner Alchemy’. Its ability to transform, its destructive and links to the underworld ( realm of shades and shadows) underline the idea of the Shadow; which is seen as the repressed, unwanted or unaccepted parts of oneself. ‘Darkling, I Listen’ is a collection of jewels urging the wearer to move towards self-acceptance through the jewels as talismans. The process of individuation or transmutation is the process of becoming ‘whole’. For Jung, this didn’t mean becoming ‘good’, but becoming complete in the sense that one accepts all of their unconscious ‘faults’ as well as their experiences (their pasts) to become whole or complete. In ‘Inner Alchemy’ each phase of the alchemical process from antiquity was re-assigned new meanings: i.e. the quest for the philosopher's stone is truly a quest to become whole. In the 'Nigredo' process, everything is blackened, putrefied, 'killed' in a sense, to allow for new growth. It is during this phase in 'Inner Alchemy' that we are confronted with the knowledge our darker aspects, a phase in which we must accept our shadow selves. When we accept and acknowledge our more shadowy aspects, the parts of ourselves we have been conditioned to suppress, the parts of ourselves we hide from others as well as ourselves, we are on the path to wholeness. We become more accepting of our flaws, our darknesses. Having struggled with my own shadow self for many years, this talisman represents not only that long tangle with ‘darkness’, but our ability to become whole.




- Solid Sterling Silver 

- 79 mm long 

- 33 mm wide 

- Sits approximately 13mm off of the finger 

- 11 mm opal cabochon 

Opals range significantly in color but you can expect your opal to be clear, white, or a light yellow / orange color. The flash of each stone varies and can include any/all colors of the rainbow. Please note: because our collection of stones is so limited, we are unable to accept any requests for specific stone colors


***Special opal care***

Opals are a soft stone. Opals are sensitive to heat and any extreme temperature changes, please be mindful of this and store your jewel appropriately when it is not being worn. Do not keep your opal in a very dry place. 

Only clean your opal with a soft damp cloth with very mild soap. Dry the opal off immediately after cleaning. Do not ever use chemical cleaners or clean your opal in an ultrasonic cleaner. 

As with all jewelry, we recommend putting it on last and taking it off first. Do not wear it when showering, swimming, working out, etc. Do not let it have contact with makeup, hairspray, perfume etc. 



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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