Blood Milk Jewels

Lights of the Underworld. Silver Sheen Obsidian Strand.


Blood Milk Jewels

Lights of the Underworld. Silver Sheen Obsidian Strand.


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During my time in the Twin Cities I worked with a person named Portia who helped me through some rough times. They would have me visualize a 'golden honey colored light' which I always struggled with because my color palette veers more towards desaturated colors, so instead, I would always imagine the silvery brightness of this version of obsidian....which is also a stone with psychic protection. 

Since all of this mini collection is based on 'light' I was thinking for this strand, that this silvery light represents what light in the Underworld would represent. Silver smoke in darkness. Could you imagine being cocooned in this light while journeying in the Underworld of yourself ? Or in turbulent emotional times ? 

This pattern is similar to 'Self-Portrait Holding the Thread' from the Labyrinth collection and I was thinking of the similarities between our personal labyrinths and our personal underworlds, how they are similar and how they are different. What we hold / store in each. What waits for us there. 

Let this strand, should you choose to make it yours, be a lantern in your journeying, a physical talisman you can hold either in your hands or press against you when feeling lost or feeling those waves of grief that can wash over us unexpectedly. 


This strand is composed of large, shimmering silver sheen obsidian spheres, faceted onyx, spinel, and glass beads.   

Designed to be worn closer to the neck, this strand measures approximately 26  inches long from end to end, including clasp.

At its closure is our largest, double sided,  Eye Clasp in sterling silver, oxidized to our favorite gloomy grey and and finished to highlight the shining silver beneath.  

As a special, bold statement piece, it also layers beautifully with other BloodMilk necklaces.

Please note, Silver Sheen Obsidian is a natural stone made of polished volcanic glass from Mexico. These beads are dark in color but have beautiful flashes of silver when turned.

Onyx is best known for being a natural stone that acts as a kind of 'psychic armor' against the negativity of others. They are also used to sooth grief and heartbreak. They are wonderful grounding stones and stones of self mastery, enabling its wearers to have mental and spiritual focus. 



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus.

*Length note: Because individual bead measurements vary slightly, total strand lengths are approximate within a few millimeters in either direction. Please reach out via email if you have any questions about this. 

Please allow approximately 5 weeks for creation before shipping. Please visit the POLICY PAGE to make an educated and informed purchase HERE.

For any questions, please email our customer service team at : bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com