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The Darkness Sheds like Snakeskin: Coiled Snake with Labradorite


Blood Milk Jewels

The Darkness Sheds like Snakeskin: Coiled Snake with Labradorite


Much like Scorpion and Spider, Serpent has a varied cultural history, seeped in mystery and danger. Subterranean like Scorpion, it is linked to the underworld and oracular mysteries, revered as an immortal god in some cultures due to its ability to regenerate its skin. Also akin to Scorpion and Spider, Serpent is seen as a symbol of transformation and of protection in the way it can appear suddenly from the unseen to strike, as well it being symbolic of both death and renewal: its venom also seen as a healing agent.

As a talisman: a juvenile, coiled rattlesnake bears an oracle sphere in its mouth, symbolizing a full moon and representing a vessel where the wearer’s burdens, grief, anxiety, uncertainty, fear, and other unpleasant emotions can be stored.

As metaphor, Serpent carries this ‘darkness’ for the wearer and in theory ‘creates’ a kind of psychic energy inherent in the growth that generally comes along with experiencing painful, complex or uncomfortable situations and emotions.

As an added layer of meaning: Serpent also speaks to the Shadow Self of Carl Jung’s ideas on ‘Inner Alchemy’. Its ability to transform, its destructive and creative qualities underline the idea of the Shadow; which is seen as the repressed, unwanted or unaccepted parts of oneself. ‘Darkling, I Listen’ is a collection of jewels urging the wearer to move towards self-acceptance through the jewels as talismans. The process of individuation or transmutation is the process of becoming ‘whole’. For Jung, this didn’t mean becoming ‘good’, but becoming complete in the sense that one accepts all of their unconscious ‘faults’ as well as their experiences (their pasts) to become whole or complete. In ‘Inner Alchemy’ each phase of the alchemical process from antiquity was re-assigned new meanings: i.e. the quest for the philosopher's stone is truly a quest to become whole. In the 'Nigredo' process, everything is blackened, putrefied, 'killed' in a sense, to allow for new growth. It is during this phase in 'Inner Alchemy' that we are confronted with the knowledge our darker aspects, a phase in which we must accept our shadow selves. When we accept and acknowledge our more shadowy aspects, the parts of ourselves we have been conditioned to suppress, the parts of ourselves we hide from others as well as ourselves, we are on the path to wholeness. We become more accepting of our flaws, our darknesses. Having struggled with my own shadow self for many years, this talisman represents not only that long tangle with ‘darkness’, but our ability to become whole.

While this piece appears to be heavy, the underside of its body has been carefully hollowed out for weight balance.


- 75mm tall

- 70mm wide at its widest

- Sits 27mm off of the body 

Cast in sterling silver, each snake is oxidized to create our gloomy gray patina, and then hand finished to reveal the shining silver highlights underneath.

For comfort and durability, we have paired the pendant with this larger scaled version of our sterling silver signature bar link chain, in the length of your choosing (worn in the last image by Jaden on a 16" chain) also oxidized and finished to match the pendant. Because of the gap between the jump rings, many clients prefer to wear this pendant on a slightly shorter chain than usual. Should you have any questions about the ideal length for you, please email us. 


Labradorite is known for its healing properties, in particular for its ability to relieve anxiety & melancholy. It is also said to be used to dispel negativity & fear, acting as a kind of psychic armor to protect against more troubling & turbulent emotions. As a 'sister' to moonstone, Labradorite is often associated with the more "darker" aspects of the Goddess, in her Crone form, full of the experience & wisdom of life and death, associated with the darker moon: waning through new moon phases. It is also a stone of transformation, and is said to help those with intuitive gifts to awaken and realize their full potential as well as helping enhance creative talents. It also ranks as one of the most protective stones, shielding its wearer from negativity. Much like its 'sister' moonstone, Labradorite has been used and worn in many cultures and tribes for both its incredible natural beauty, and for its potent magical properties.

Please note labradorite is a natural stone, ranging in color from grey blue, to teal, and even gold and green. If you have a preference about your stone, please reach out to us before making your purchase. 


***IMPORTANT***: This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow up 4 weeks for creation before shipping.

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