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The Messenger Part II: Hawk Claw with crystal sphere


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The Messenger Part II: Hawk Claw with crystal sphere


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This item is temporarily sold out due to a shortage in crystal spheres.

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Based on the image of the 'Ball and Claw' used throughout Victorian era furniture design, this is a reimagined take on our beloved 'The Messenger' necklace. The design's roots historically come from ancient China: in myth, the Emperor's Dragon guarded a pearl or a crystal ball that was considered to be a symbol of wisdom and purity. 

As many other birds of prey, the Hawk is considered to be a 'Messenger' between the natural world, and the spirit realm, which in myth and folklore, exists alongside our world and is generally 'unseen'. Hawks, cunning hunters, are deeply attuned to their senses. They can see in a visual range that humans can not, and they are able to soar high in the sky. Their presence suggests a time to 'look closer' or 'deeper' at the world and people around you, especially to the 'unseen': a closer look at your feelings, your unconscious, or to have better empathy for the struggles of others.

As a "Message," clear quartz is a particualrly potent crystal, thought to be a 'memory keeper' that enables recall of lost memories. It also amplifies spirtual pursuits and increases psychic awareness. The crystal ball shape has long been a symbol of divination and magic.

The hawk claw is life-cast in sterling silver & hand oxidized to achieve a rich shade of gloomy gray. Hand polished, the finish reveals the intricate details of the claw, capturing the wrinkles, folds and textures of the real thing. It measures 2.75 inches in length and approximately 1.5 inches at it's widest.

The crystal balls range in size from 24-26mm: we have an incredible collection of quartz spheres, each hand selected from reputable places for clarity, shape and feeling. These spheres are each hand shaped, please allow for inclusions as crystals are organic in nature and not perfect.

Paired with a sterling bar link chain hand oxidized to match, it is pictured here on Melissa on a 30" length chain and is also available at 34".


This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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