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The Midnight Rattlesnake: Ritual Strand


Blood Milk Jewels

The Midnight Rattlesnake: Ritual Strand


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Paying tribute to our previous offering: The Velvet Rattlesnake, this strand is composed of light catching faceted and smooth round onyx beads, as well as antique beads salvaged from a disintegrating mourning jacket from my personal collection. These beads cradle ten sterling silver life-cast rattlesnake vertebrae in graduating sizes.

Inspired by my intense connection to snakes and the image of them shedding their skin- this strand is a talisman for transformation and is intended to be a physical protection for the vulnerability that comes with choosing to transform and those periods in our life where unexpected and uncontrollable events rupture our centers. 

The snake speaks to the Shadow Self of Carl Jung’s ideas on ‘Inner Alchemy’. Its ability to transform, its posionus and creative qualities underline the idea of the Shadow; which is seen as the repressed, unwanted or unaccepted parts of oneself.

The process of individuation or transmutation is the process of becoming ‘whole’. For Jung, this didn’t mean becoming ‘good’, but becoming complete in the sense that one accepts all of their unconscious ‘faults’ as well as their experiences (their pasts) to become whole or complete. In ‘Inner Alchemy’ each phase of the alchemical process from antiquity was re-assigned new meanings: i.e. the quest for the philosopher's stone is truly a quest to become whole. In the 'Nigredo' process, everything is blackened, putrefied, 'killed' in a sense, to allow for new growth. It is during this phase in 'Inner Alchemy' that we are confronted with the knowledge our darker aspects, a phase in which we must accept our shadow selves. When we accept and acknowledge our more shadowy aspects, the parts of ourselves we have been conditioned to suppress, the parts of ourselves we hide from others as well as ourselves, we are on the path to wholeness. We become more accepting of our flaws, our darknesses. Having struggled with my own shadow self for many years, this talisman represents not only that long tangle with ‘darkness’, but our ability to become whole.


Onyx is an ancient stone best known for acting as a kind of 'psychic armor' against the negativity of others. They are also used to soothe grief and heartbreak. They are wonderful grounding stones and stones of self mastery, enabling its wearers to have mental and spiritual focus.

This strand measures 42 inches long from end to end, at its closure, our medium (15mm ) double sided eye talisman adds an additional layer of psychic protection that can be worn at the back of the neck or on the front of the body.  

This 'Opera Length' makes it perfect for wearing doubled up as well as at its full length. Designed to compliment other jewels in the Mourning/Ritual bead line it also layers beautifully with other BloodMilk necklaces. Its length and varying bead sizes make it perfect to use for meditation or ritual practices. 



This strand is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for its creation before shipping.

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