Blood Milk Jewels

The Other: Rose Gold & Labradorite. Size 6.75


Blood Milk Jewels

The Other: Rose Gold & Labradorite. Size 6.75


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IMPORTANT: This ring has been created for our Philadelphia showroom and is ready to ship to you. It will leave the studio within 5 business days of purchase. 

This ring is a size 6.75 and can not be resized before leaving the studio. 


This jeweled ring is for those who feel as if they’ve never belonged. The image of a two-headed snake has transfixed my imagination since childhood, when I saw a small live one at a local pet shop. Since then, they have come to represent for me, the feeling of being strange, of being melancholy, of often being misunderstood, of being in between worlds –of two minds; and the stirrings of peace that has come from acknowledging and accepting these traits and feelings.

It is a talisman of protection for times when one is feeling vulnerable for being different as well as an amulet to represent the creativity that comes from being slightly out of step with the rest of
the world.

The rose gold version of this ring features a high polish finish with no oxidization. Any 'darkness' on the ring that appears to be oxidation are just shadows laying across the ring.


-approximately 22mm at it's widest

-sit 9mm off of the finger

-solid 14k rose gold

-13mm x 18mm fine cut oval labradorite 


Labradorite is known for its healing properties, in particular for its ability to relieve anxiety & melancholy. It is also said to be used to dispel negativity & fear, acting as a kind of psychic armor to protect against more troubling & turbulent emotions. As a 'sister' to moonstone, Labradorite is often associated with the more "darker" aspects of the Goddess, in her Crone form, full of the experience & wisdom of life and death, associated with the darker moon: waning through new moon phases. It is also a stone of transformation, and is said to help those with intuitive gifts to awaken and realize their full potential as well as helping enhance creative talents. It also ranks as one of the most protective stones, shielding its wearer from negativity. Much like its 'sister' Moonstone, Labradorite has been used and worn in many cultures and tribes for both its incredible natural beauty, and for its potent magical properties.




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