Blood Milk Jewels

The Poison is in the Dosage Ring.


Blood Milk Jewels

The Poison is in the Dosage Ring.


**This item is limited and we do not know if it will be available again in the future.**

A tiny version of our grief snake, its form modeled after a kingsnake, its scales and tears worn with ‘time’, gently holds a Belladonna flower in its mouth, its tail curled around its body rather than in its mouth so as not to mark it as an Oroboros, unlocking it from ‘forever time’ - or the endless cycle of regeneration. Here, the liminal magic of the poisonous bloom of the tiny but potent Belladonna and the transformative and oracular mysteries of the snake shoulder against the symbolic balm for grief woven in with the small tear scales on the snake - a spell for the regenerative qualities loss can bring - the loss of self, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, a home, a way of being, bodily functions and ability ~ ~ ~ ~ and how magic and the natural world can bring comfort and healing ….can bridge and build passageways if we look towards the wilds and the ways of our ancestors….mingle them and stir them with new ways as well in  the cauldron of our hearts and practices~ 

Ancient coins have been found in grave goods and are significant to Charon, the ferryman who ferried shades of the dead over the River Styx to the realm of Persephone and Hades, the Underworld. The Underworld can also represent the realms of our unconscious, a space for growth and regeneration as we face the sharp parts of ourself - to descend into the shadowy recesses of ourselves, the haunted parts we often choose not to look ~ there is a romanticism to this kind of work, but it is also ugly, hard and dark work as well, and often, we are in need of many kinds of support when we make this descent - this coin is a talisman of assistance and comfort, a coin of passage, of crossing a threshold and of holding tight through the ‘trouble’, of staying safe in a dark place, of taking just the ‘right’ dose of poison to heal rather than harm


- Designed to be highly tactile and grounding in moments of anxiety, grief, flashes of anger or misunderstanding, when you feel you are floating out of yourself and need to root back to this plane…. its edges have been distressed by hand in ritual in the bowels of our studio ‘ship’ in the presence of ancient coins. 

~ ~ ~ ~

Back in 2017/2018 I started sketching & dreaming on ideas for an Oracle deck I wanted to make with my husband Aaron Horkey that was never to be as A). there are plenty in existence already B). it’s an extremely time & all consuming project if done the way he & I would have liked to have brought it into the world. Still, the ideas haunted me, the sketches & notes lived in my notebooks like embers which raged like wildfires in my sleep & cornering me at surprising moments in my waking hours. Considering this ~ I thought I could make these ideas into ‘divination coins’ instead ~ a deck of cards spread out over time to jewels ~ a narrative thread woven through silver talismanic vessels that could be worn and pressed against parts of the body, held, slept with, rather than made of paper and flipped over - fanned out in brief moments ~ something that resonated deeper than the original meaning I dreamed up for them. 
~ I started to think of Ancient coins ~ of the many ‘values’ coins have had ~ grave goods, objects to collect over the ages- coins for the ferryman ~ objects that outlast us, ancestral objects ~ ancestral currency…..& I wanted to make my own that held a talismanic and personal value rather than a previous monetary value that could then potentially become talismanic & have a personal narrative value to its new wearers….



- 35mm at it's widest 

- Sits 5mm off of the finger 

- Solid Sterling Silver hand oxidized to achieve our favorite shade of stormy gray and then highlighted to reveal the bright luminous silver beneath

- Seen in 2nd to last image on Jess with the Season in the Labyrinth Signet Ring 



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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