The prophet.



The prophet.


Cast owl claw, immortalized in brass and hand oxidized to achieve a rich gray tone with hints of an oil slick metallic shade and touches of brass, which over time will develop it's own patina. Bold and striking the piece is paired with a sterling bar link chain & oxidized in my favorite shade of gloomy grey, strung through the wrist of the claw, so the claw rests nicely against the body.

The owl has a sordid history within many cultures. It is at once a creature revered and damned, given powers of wisdom and prophecy while at the same time being likened to the raven for it's tendencies to be able to speak with the dead, for to hear the call of an owl within a dark forest meant certain death. I've been sleeping with my tarot under my pillow for weeks now, dreaming of this piece.

The claw is impressive in size and bears a slight weight. It's nails are a bit sharp and the detail is exquisite.

This listing is for one claw.

The last photo shows it in reference to a sparrow claw, the sparrow claw is not included in the price of this necklace and it is not attached to it.

The owl claw is also available in antique brass for the same rate.

Necklace from clasp to tip of claw measures 30 inches long.
Claw measures 3 and half inches long and 2 inches wide at it's widest.


Unlike everything else listed in the shoppe this piece is crafted entirely in bronze to keep the cost effective due to the substantial weight of this item. If you are interested in having this piece crafted from solid sterling silver please contact us via email for pricing.

Please convo me with any additional questions.

*First photo courtesy of christina brown. www.christinabrown.net*



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