Visions. Eagle talon crescent moon.



Visions. Eagle talon crescent moon.


Steeped in mythology & magic, the crescent is my favorite shape of the lunar phases of the moon. Resembling a horned moon, a glowing sickle in the darkness of the night sky. Taking the shape of the moon at the end and the beginning of her journey, it also represents the thinnest part of her reveled during her cycle.

The crescent has also been associated with Diana, goddess of the hunt, the Egyptian goddess Isis as well as the Virgin Mary. The moon is known as feminine, potent energy.

In alchemy, it is associated with silver.

In the tarot, it is associated with the High Priestess, the guardian of the unconscious and urges you to look inward, with your third eye.

Here I've coupled the shape of the crescent with two eagle talons, cast immortal in sterling silver & waxed together to create the shape. It has been carefully carved out in the back for weight balance, but this is still a very large, dramatic piece.

The eagle, much like the crescent, has great symbology in many cultures. It's wings are seen in ancient Egyptian mythology, & in Native American culture to wear/ be given an eagle feather is a high honor.

Their massive wing span (5-7 feet!), predatory instincts & impressive eye sight have made this bird of prey the king of the sky. It is also associated with the sun as a messenger between the earth and the heavens (notice how this differs from the crow as a messenger from the earth to the Underworld). 

I'm suggesting a balance of sun and moon energy, as well as an ability to see spiritual truths, both in times of light and dark. As a talisman, this pieces holds the potent energies of both the moon and the eagle.

The crescent is 2 2/4 inches long and nearly two inches at its widest.
Paired with a sterling cable chain at 30 inches in length from end to end.

If you're interested in having the chain shortened, please send me a note at: bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com


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