Thank you so much for visiting our online store this holiday season, and for taking the time to review this information which we hope will be helpful for you when placing your order and waiting for it to arrive. 

-Our jewels are hand made and take approximately four weeks to create in our small Philadelphia studio before they ship.

-This is our busiest season of the year and we do experience delays past our average four week turnaround time.

-COVID continues to create further delays while your order is in transit and we highly recommend choosing Express Shipping for this reason.

-Express Shipping only expedites the time it takes for your order to travel to you, it does not affect the amount of time it takes to create each item.

-If you are hoping to receive a jewel by a specific date, please reach out to us before placing your order, this way we can provide you with clearer expectations of how long your individual jewel will take.

-If you have already placed your order and hope to receive a jewel by a specific, realistic date, please reach out to us right away so that we can best assist you.

-We offer an ‘In Absentia’ certificate to anyone who has placed an order. This can be printed at home, presented to the intended recipient, and explains that a gift of Blood Milk Jewels is on its way. Please reach out to us with your order number to acquire this. 

-This year we will be able to offer our clients a READY TO SHIP section, which should be added to the website at the beginning of December. All jewels in this section will leave the studio in 1 - 4 business days. Please again remember that USPS is experiencing holiday delays as well as additional COVID delays and that Express Shipping is recommended.

-In an effort to allow our small, hardworking staff time with their family and friends, our studio is closed:

  Thursday November 25th until Monday the 29th at 9am EST. 

  Thursday December 24th until Monday the 27th at 9am EST.

-Our entire team- customer service, bench jewelers, studio assistants, and management are all off on these days. Emails sent during these times will be answered in the order in which they are received when we return to the studio. We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours on business days. 

Thank you for your support this holiday season and always.




Below is a detailed outline of our policies. Please read them carefully before placing your order. There is a link to my policy section in every listing so that you will be able to find this page easily. Once you have committed to placing an order you are entering into a mutual agreement that tells me you have read and understood each section below. 

As this is a small independently run business, please be aware that the current turnaround time is approximately around 4 weeks for shipping from purchase date. We hand craft each item for you at time of purchase. We are committed to keeping our production local; we work with a small, family run casting company in our hometown of Philadelphia as well as other local vendors and crafts people. This ensures no overseas ethical conflicts while allowing us to support our community and have a hands on commitment at every step of our production.

Occasionally events happen with our casters, platers and other suppliers that are out of our control. If you are purchasing a gift for a certain date, we recommend communicating with us immediately, either by sending a follow up email with your order # or by leaving a detailed note in the 'Notes' section at time of checkout.

We are committed to providing kind and efficient customer service. Should you have any question or concern about your order before placing it or after you have received it, please reach out to us here: bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com and we will take care of you.


Major Credit Cards are accepted. 


It's easy to use and can be linked up to either your bank account or credit card. The site is very secure and the customer service people are very helpful. 


EXTENDED DELIVERY TIME: Due to the impact of COVID-19 you may experience a delay in delivery. Your actual delivery date may differ from the estimated delivery date you see during checkout.

Orders ship approximately 4 weeks from time of purchase. Once your order has shipped, an automated note of confirmation with tracking information ( when applicable) will be sent to the email used to place your order.  


You should expect to receive your order between 2-5 days once your order has shipped within the stated turnaround time as we ship every order without the Express shipping upgrade via Priority mail. We recommend adding signature confirmation to your order to ensure it safely reaches you as it confirms both to USPS and to us that your order has been received. This also means that they will not leave it at your chosen shipping destination without a signature. If you are not home, it will be taken to your local post office for pickup, or your postal worker will make another attempt to deliver the package. This varies in different states.

It has been our experience that adding insurance does not cover theft, it only covers damage due to mishandling via USPS. At this time we do not offer an insurance option for shipping, but if you feel you would like to add this as well, please communicate with us either prior to placing your order or follow up as soon as your order has been placed: bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com.

We are not responsible for the loss or theft of your order once it has left our studio. Please ship your order to the most secure address.



If you choose First Class mail, you can expect to receive your order between 10 days - 2 months (in extreme cases) and usually dependent on your country's custom laws, once the order has shipped within the stated turnaround time. We continue to offer First Class shipping to be able to provide a less expensive option for our valued over seas clients. However, this shipping method does not provide a tracking number. This means that once it leaves the US borders, there is no way to track where your package is. 

Priority mail international estimates that your package will take between 6 - 10 business days in transit, making it a faster option than First Class. Like First Class shipping though, it does not guarantee tracking services.

The only way to ensure that you will be able to track your package's route is by purchasing Express shipping. This is also the only shipping option that is eligible for insurance. We are not responsible for stolen or lost packages, please use this information to make the most informed shipping choice. 

Every country's import taxes (and or) duty fees are different and it is your responsibility alone to be aware of your own country's custom laws as well as your responsibility to pay the additional taxes & duty fees that goes along with importing merchandise from our country. We can not know how much the additional fees are, please be aware of your countries policies. Custom laws vary from country to country, some countries will hold your order for pick up. If you decline to retrieve your package from customs within their turn around time and it is shipped back to us, it is your responsibility to purchase additional shipping. 

Falsifying shipping documents is illegal here in the US so please don't ask us to add a lesser value than to these documents than what the order is actually worth. 

Refunds and Exchanges

Due to the unique custom nature of the jewelry, we don't accept returns nor issue refunds. Think carefully about your purchase before placing your order.

Rings are custom made to fit your finger, make sure you choose the correct right size. If you are unsure of your ring size, we recommend visiting any jewelry store that sells engagement rings, they will be able to accurately size your finger. If you choose an incorrect size, we offer resizing services. These services also ensure that your ring will be finished in our signature gloomy gray. Having your ring resized elsewhere may result in a finish that does not match what we offer.

We do not stamp our sterling silver pieces. If you choose to take a piece of our jewelry to another jeweler for resizing or repair, make sure you ask for an acid scratch test from them.

Please know we are firm on our refund policy. Make an informed purchase by carefully reading through the policy section as well as by asking any questions you may have about an item before purchasing it via bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com

With all of this said, it's our upmost goal to that you are happy with your new jewels. Should you have any concerns once you have received your order, please contact us immediately and we will kindly work with you to form a resolution that you will be happy with.

It is part of our business ethic to always handle our clients with kindness and understanding. We will always treat you with respect and we ask that you treat us likewise. 



My plating or patina has worn off, what should I do ?

Please note that both our patina and plating are not permanent. However, with a little extra care, your plated & oxidized pieces can retain their coloring for years. We recommend any rose gold plated piece be stored separately from other jewelry when not wearing and wrapped in a piece of cloth. As with everything, it's best not to wear your new piece of jewelry whilst bathing, swimming, washing dishes or anything else that involves submerging the piece in water. Spraying perfume or applying lotion while wearing your jewels is also discouraged. The elements found in these products can effect the finish on your jewels. Also, please keep in mind that your body's skin chemistry can also effect the finish on your jewelry. It is hard to predict as each person's chemistry is different.

If either your patina or plating has worn to a disagreeable degree, please contact us for assistance with re-oxidizing: bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com and we will happily assist you.

Please note that we no longer offer plating or re-plating services. If you are interested in having your plating completely removed and re-oxidized to resemble the jewels on our site, please reach out to bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com


I've had an accident with my jewel and unexpectedly damaged it, what should I do ?

Each jewel has been designed with attention to detail and integrity to last for generations to come, however we understand that sometimes life happens and accidents occur. With this in mind, we are always willing to repair your jewel for a reasonable fee as it is important to us that you are able to wear and love your jewel as much as when you first received it. Please note that pieces with cast bird claws tend to be a bit more delicate than other pieces from the line, please use common sense and care when wearing these jewels. If you need your jewel to be mended in any way, please contact us: bloodmilkjewels@gmail.com and we will happily assist you.



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