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A Season in the Labyrinth { Signet Ring }


Blood Milk Jewels

A Season in the Labyrinth { Signet Ring }


The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol, found on old coins, painted on the walls of subterranean caves, and as physical walking paths set into the floor of churches and historic sites in Europe. There are two types: Unicursal and Multicursal: the first, akin to the Chartres Labyrinth, with a single, spiral-like path in and out, while the latter, such as the Cretan Labyrinth that housed the Minotaur, are filled with different paths, dead ends, and are difficult, if not impossible to navigate. 

Our newly revamped Labyrinths feature the Cretan Labyrinth, based on an ancient coin, a nod to the idea of healing/grief/the processing of trauma or personal inner growth being a spiral, a nonlinear process. This form of Labyrinth, much like the Chartres ‘church’ version has been used for walking meditation, with the idea of the center, or ‘centre’ being where one returns to their hidden self (unconscious), or in some views, the Shadow self, the Minotaur. You will not be the same person walking out as walking in, the trials, challenges and experiences along the path will transform you.

The unconscious is a rich place, present within each of us, that is often inaccessible. Our unconscious can present itself as our Shadow – aspects of ourselves that we have tried to suppress, often since childhood, due to societal norms. We acclimate, sometimes without even realizing it, to the pressures of the world around us and push down these inky parts of ourselves –often hiding them from our conscious selves – making the Shadow feel akin to an Underworld that we travel to in dreams or in traumatic moments, often surprising ourselves. As taught in Jungian theory, if we are able to meet our Shadow, to be more aware of it, we have reached another step on the path towards being whole, to a richer expansion of ourselves. 

Since I first released a Labyrinth design I I feel I’ve only been walking deeper into this serpentine path, at times closing in on the Minotaur while also finding myself lost, shouldering against walls that dead end. When I imagine myself walking the path it’s often at night, I’m holding tightly onto my jeweled thread, knowing my beloved has the other end. I know it’s up to me to find the center, to make peace with the darkest parts of myself. I know it’s up to me to find my way out. Sometimes this feels like the most daunting task and I feel alone. Other times I can hear friends and beloveds shouting over the walls, calling me home. I hope that if this piece calls to you, that you feel comforted by it, that you feel less lost, that you find a way out. That you know it’s ok to be changed when you do cross that final threshold. 


This listing is for one sterling silver labyrinth signet ring in the size of your choosing. Each ring is hand oxidized to achieve our favorite shade of stormy gray and then highlighted to reveal the bright luminous silver beneath.



- Signet is 20mm in diameter

- Sits approximately 5mm off of the finger

- Solid sterling silver 



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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