Blood Milk Jewels

Achlys Mini. Sterling Silver & Onyx Ring.


Blood Milk Jewels

Achlys Mini. Sterling Silver & Onyx Ring.



In Lieu of the forthcoming description, please visit HERE for more information including the inspiration behind this collection. 

Here, bat bones have been molded from real life, carefully manipulated in wax, and cast in silver to create this unique ring.

The Achlys Mini Ring is oxidized to achieve our favorite shade of stormy gray and then hand finished to reveal the bright luminous silver highlights.


-24mm long

-sits 6mm off of the finger

-solid sterling silver 

-8mm x 16mm fine cut onyx marquis

Onyx is best known for being a natural stone that acts as a kind of 'psychic armor' against the negativity of others. It is also used to sooth grief and heartbreak. It is a wonderful grounding stone and a stone of self mastery, enabling its wearers to have mental and spiritual focus.

These jewels are hand cut and therefore may have very slight differences in size and may have small signs of the carver's hands along the edges. These are not fabricated by a machine, they are made by hand and therefore aren't uniformly perfect. The photographs accurately portray the quality of the stones and the cuts. 

**the 5th image shows the Achlys Mini (right) next to the oversized version (left)


This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 6 - 8 weeks for creation before shipping.                    

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