Blood Milk Jewels

Belonging to the Darkness Part II. Perfume Oil.


Blood Milk Jewels

Belonging to the Darkness Part II. Perfume Oil.


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Inspired by one of the the rings from our Belonging series, this perfume oil blend was created by hand by Elizabeth Barrial in Philadelphia of much beloved scent conjurers Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, exclusively for us.

Scent Notes: Dark 3-year aged patchouli and vintage amber, smoky cardamom, gilded juniper leaf, and a drop of golden vetiver.


Review via S. Elizabeth:

I am blind, initially, in the cool, murky patchouli-fied and daunting darkness of this fragrance, (somewhat similar to the dark, root-y Owl Moon from Chapter I) but in the dark there is a glimmering speck, a glowing point of warmth that begins to grow brighter. A kind traveler with a light aloft in the gloom, flickering and flaring, and redolent of a salty, maple/molasses note. This unexpected sweetness wonderfully balances out that coldly aloof, earthy dankness– a tender meeting of one’s shadow in the light.

-5ml perfume oil blend in an amber apothecary glass vial

-When not in use, store in a cool, dark place to maximize shelf life

-Original bottle label artwork by artist Aaron Horkey inspired by antique apothecary labels 

-For perfume related questions and to learn more about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab you may visit them HERE



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