Endless Night Ring. Part I.



Endless Night Ring. Part I.



‘Some are born to sweet delight

Some are born to endless night’

-William Blake


'It is my wish for you to be loved to the point of madness'

-Andre Breton


Above all else, this jeweled moon ring is about love. Ghostly, dark love; love unearthed from the uncanny, from the strange place of the soul, shadowed and yet, still gem like, a treasure.


Dual natured, it is partly based on the idea of belonging to oneself, to accepting the darker, more difficult, or undesired aspects of ourselves and either working at changing them, or accepting them and moving on. Growth in either case is essential, and for me, this ring, and it’s counterpart, the ‘Belonging to the Darkness’ ring, is worn as such, a declaration of self-love, a reminder that belong to myself first and foremost.


On the other side of this inspiration is the beautiful, and yet at times, painful (longing, fear) aspects, of romantic love. Two hearts joined together, a commitment, an eternal bond. For the surrealists, love was a high state of being, a trance like state, revered the way the uncanny, the objective chance and death/chaos were. Andre Breton often explored the unreal, hysterical aspects of love, even wishing for his daughter to be one day ‘loved to the point of madness,’ or L’amour Fou (Mad Love.)


As a wedding band, this ring perfectly nests with the ‘Belonging to the Darkness’ ring and features a jeweled crescent moon, inspired by Victorian jewelry, a time period in which every day objects were revered, ornamental and detailed craftsman ship reigned, and objects were placed beneath bell jars for sacred reverence. Victorian filigree wraps around the sides of the ring, while a ‘bone’ cathedral holds up the moon, a nod to the underworld, and to Persephone, who found herself in its shadowy realms as its Queen.

It can also be worn solo, or stacked with the smaller version of this ring.


This ring is cast immortal in sterling silver and features 4 black, round cut czs. The moon is 20mm wide and stands 5mm off of the finger.

This listing is for ONE ring, as shown in the first photo. It is also pictured with the smaller 'Endless Night' ring as well as stacked with the 'Belonging to the Darkness' ring, both available to purchase.



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 6 - 8 weeks for creation before shipping.    

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