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Medusa's Spyglass. II.


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Medusa's Spyglass. II.


A trinity of snakes, representing the serpentine tresses of the Gorgon Medusa compose the handle and setting for a magnifying 'spyglass' lens. Larger than most of the other offerings in our Spyglass series, this jewels makes a dramatic ( yet is more lightweight than expected ) statement on the body while also being fully functional as a subtle yet helpful magnifying instrument. 

The marriage of the spyglass with the story and powers of Medusa is an interesting juxtaposition as its Medusa's gaze that is the most dangerous despite her 'grotesque and horrifying appearance ( in some depictions, she also appears fanged to the point of looking like she has large tusks ) - its her eyes that can cause people ( mostly men, all men?) to stone. Here, the wearer's eye is used in tandem to a jewel in proximity to her serpentine hair, to enlarge the world around them - to distort - to make seen what may be unseen. The gaze in both instances can be used to either damage, protect, or make visible what is not necessarily clear to the unassisted human eye. Considering all of these together - a visual metaphor for looking closer, for magnifying what we might not be able to see clearly, may help us to both protect *and* in a way, cause less harm, if we are able to better understand what we are 'seeing'. Wear this necklace as a talisman of protection, for safety as well as for seeking clarity when in situations that call for looking closer - for looking and examining before speaking or acting ( if at all ).

Additionally - I always love to think of magnifying lenses ( & mirrors ) as being inherently magic - use in ritual practices for seeing the unseen in more magical applications with the energy of the snake - the subterranean creatures associated with the Underworld, wielding the power of epic transformation - shedding skins and lidless, oracular seeing. 



Ancient Medusa lived a solitary, lonely life in a subterranean cave. Her ‘otherness’ was the nest of snakes atop her head: in earlier iterations, she was monstrously grotesque, but as time passed her features gave way to a stunning beauty beneath the hands of the artists who reimagined her.

This re-visioning marked her as one of the first ‘Femme Fatales’ of the cultural consciousness – a creature possessing the beauty of a woman and all the power that physical beauty bestows (seduction, sexual prowess) but also terrifying in her deeper powers of death. She embodies the tension between beauty and terror: one look from Medusa turned anything living into stone, though no women were recorded in Myth to have befallen this fate.

Separated from the body, the head of Medusa took on apotropaic qualities, appearing at the entryway of structures and homes to ward off evil and trespassers. In this way, the head of Medusa took on a protectionary quality, frightening away energies and people intent on harm, contradicting the murderous qualities she possessed when fully embodied. Beheaded by Perseus as a trophy, even her blood held potent magical qualities: Pegasus was born from her severed neck and coral is said to be the hardened blood of the Medusa. Set in fine metal, coral also became apotropaic, often worn on the necks of children that extended past ancient times.

Akin to the lightning bolt of destruction in The Tower, Medusa embodies this energy with her death gaze. Wearing these talismans brings this duality of nature to their wearer: her head as a symbol, became a protectionary talisman, while in life, she was a force of destruction; horror and death. The energy of both beauty and terror exists within us, much as the snake has the power of its deadly venom as well as the power to heal.  Beauty and Terror. Life and Death.

This listing is for one Medusa's Spyglass pendant set with a magnifying glass, paired with our signature bar link chain. Both pendant and chain are oxidized to achieve our favorite shade of stormy gray and then hand finished to reveal the bright luminous silver highlights. 


*Details* :

- Just over 4 inches from top to bottom

- 39mm wide

- Pendant, chain, jump rings, and clasp are all Solid Sterling Silver  

- Shown on Jess and Miguel at 30 inches 

- 35mm magnifying glass 

- Last photo shown with The Seeker. Spyglass Necklace.



Magnifying lenses magnify the small things we are unable to see clearly when placed beneath the glass, acting as a large, powerful ‘eye’. While the glass is fully functional as an object/tool, as a talisman it urges its wearer to look closer, to see/feel the invisible: whether that be by examining our feelings and our Shadow with a deeper gaze or turning our sights to others; to mindfully ‘see’ our friends, lovers, family, and community: to foster a deeper sense of empathy, to spark the current of transformation.

*Please note glass is hand cast and may have slight waves and / or imperfections in it. Please note that while this lens does magnify, it is not a professional grade magnifying lens. 




This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 6 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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