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Planchette. Perfume Oil.


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Planchette. Perfume Oil.


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Inspired by our archived but much beloved Planchette series, this perfume oil blend was created by hand by Elizabeth Barrial in Philadelphia of much beloved scent conjurers Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, exclusively for us.

Scent Notes: Dry, aged Oman frankincense with saffron and rare woods.


Review of Planchette via S. Elizabeth:

A divinatory object, a supernatural decoder spelling out secret and lost messages between the living and the dead, or the conscious and the unconscious. A dry, aged Oman frankincense with saffron and rare woods. On a personal level, Planchette is the most elusive of the three scents, and the message it communicates to me is mutable, mercurial. An undercurrent of sweet, fruity resin remains true, but apart from that, and in the span of five minutes, I catch alternating whiffs of honeyed cherry tobacco, dark, sugared confections, and lemony anise tea. I am reminded more of a lively, charged atmosphere wherein strangers sip and nibble amongst whispered chatter, and clasp hands excitedly, anticipating a custom, phantasmal communiqué from beyond–rather than the medium through which the ectoplasmic memo arrived.


-5ml perfume oil blend in an amber apothecary glass vial

-When not in use, store in a cool, dark place to maximize shelf life

-Original bottle label artwork by artist Aaron Horkey inspired by antique apothecary labels


 -For perfume related questions and to learn more about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab you may visit them HERE



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