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Moon Phase Luna Moth Ring.


Blood Milk Jewels

Moon Phase Luna Moth Ring.


Inspired by Luna Moths and their ‘moon’ markings, we took this natural design a step further and added the full passage of the Moon to its wings and body; with the New/Dark Moon represented by the circular absence at the start of its tails, and the bright Full Moon nestled within its head. The Moon and practicing within her phases and rhythms is a cornerstone for my personal practices of digging myself out of Void seasons. The mystery of transformation and all its nuances are wrapped up in the symbology of the moth: during its time in its chrysalis, its body completely liquefies, wholly transforming itself into a new, different body, all the while retaining its memories. It is an ancient creature, millions of years older than the butterfly and usually nocturnal; using the glow of the moon and stars as its guiding light.


At the end of last year I was in a particularly deep Void season, a black hole that reminded me of a trip I took that same summer to an underground crystal cave on the way to Chicago from Saint Paul. It had been discovered during the Victorian era by two boys playing in a field; a moment of fate and one of them fell through, discovering the subterranean liminal space of the underground. It had a chilly dampness and was teeming with growing stalagmites (the guide pointed one out that had a single bat hair embedded in it.) During one part of the tour, our guide shuffled our small group into a small enclave within the long caverns and turned off the lights that were strung along the walls of the crevasse. Instantly, I could not see, not even my hands, which I waved wildly in front of my face. It was a full and total darkness, a velvet oblivion. An awareness of my fragility set in; it would be nothing to get lost down below forever – removed from the spiral of time. The apocalypse could rage above and we would not know it. My bones could sink into the floor and mingle with the primordial fossils already embedded there and it would not change the passage of time above. What sort of talisman belongs to that moment, that memory, that liminality ? A night creature, marked with the Moon and her transformations, formed within its own liminal space of the cocoon, its own true darkness: to live briefly, to live by the moon and stars.

The end waits for us all, it meets us sometimes in shadow places, void seasons, reminding us. I resign, I waver, I concede to the darkness and then someone turns on the light, I find my hands, and we all ascend together, changed.


As (mostly) nocturnal beings, Moths are often associated with the mystery, magic, and dream like quality of the Night. This nocturnality associates Moth (as well as Spider, Snake, Scorpion) with the Shadow Self. The Shadow Self is a concept via Carl Jung and represents the repressed parts of our psyche, the traits that are societally/culturally deemed ‘bad’ or ‘unacceptable’ (anger, sadness, grief, selfishness, pettiness, etc.) The shadow is composed of all of the disowned and unwanted parts of yourself that you press down into the unconscious. Shadow work – the process of identifying (rather than projecting onto others) these traits and feelings is messy, brutal, lifelong work. There are romantic aspects to it (for me, the dream of being whole), but it also has a raw quality, akin to those traumatic first days of new grief. Jung emphasizes the importance of integrating the shadow more consciously into ourselves – a way of recognizing, accepting and transforming these ‘horrors’ hidden within ourselves. As a balm / protective talisman, our Moon phase Luna Moth helps carry these ‘shadow feelings’ for its wearer.

This listing is for one large luna moth paired with our split bone band in the size of your choosing. This solid sterling silver ring is hand oxidized to achieve our shade of stormy gray and then highlighted to reveal the bright luminous silver beneath.


-49mm tall

-58mm at it’s widest

-Solid sterling silver


This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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