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The Outsider. Nesting Band.


Blood Milk Jewels

The Outsider. Nesting Band.


When I was a little kid,  my father gifted me a children’s book, By the Light of the Silvery Moon. It wasn’t popular the Where the Wild Things Are was and still is, but it has a similar theme; a young child gets in trouble with her parents and escapes under the hedge outside her house into another world. Eventually she finds her way back home, to where she belongs. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about these stories and how there might not be a way back ‘home’ for some of us, those who always have felt like outsiders, slightly out of step with the frantic pace of the world and its horrors, more content to live on the edge of things, in our other worlds. Of course there is a melancholy to this; the possibility of being misunderstood, questioned, or even threatened in these increasingly intense times. Our homes are the ones we build ourselves, we choose our family or exist in more solitary situations. 

This ring, featuring a two headed snake ( a personal symbol for me of the other, the outsider ) nestles its two heads together above its tail’s end. Tiny and tactile tears, reminiscent of our grief moths and grief snake bangles, are featured on either side of the ring for rubbing / touching in times of anxiety or meditation. 

Much like one of my oldest rings, The Belonging to the Darkness ring, this is a ring of laying claim to yourself, while also being designed to exist as a ceremonial band. Comfortable on the finger, it can easily be worn daily and was created to be worn with many of our other rings. 

This ring represents an eternal commitment to a person, an idea, a spiritual belief, or, most importantly, to one’s self. Over the course of history, jewelry has been used as tokens of remembrance, as symbols of love, as talismans and amulets. This ring is imbued with all of these functions and it is up to the wearer to activate which particular function they feel the intuition to commemorate. It was created to be worn alone as a ‘wedding/devotion/celebratory band’ or as a piece that can nest with other rings in our line. 

A life cast snake was manipulated to create this nesting band. Cast in sterling silver silver, this piece is oxidized to achieve our signature shade of stormy gray and then hand finished to reveal the shining silver highlights beneath.



- Solid Sterling Silver 

- Sits approximately 6.5mm off of the finger 

- Oxidized to achieve our signature shade of stormy gray and then hand finished to reveal the shining silver highlights underneath



This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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