Blood Milk Jewels

The Scorpion Oracle { Large Spyglass Necklace }


Blood Milk Jewels

The Scorpion Oracle { Large Spyglass Necklace }


The Oracle series are nearly as old as BloodMilk & represent ‘looking closer’ by the small magnifying glass set into their various jewels, in this case, the scorpions’ pincers.

The body of the scorpion has barely changed over the 400 million years of its existence and are part of many ancient cultures including ancient Egypt mythology and religion. The Goddess Isis was assisted by 7 Scorpions when looking for the dismembered parts of her husband, Osiris, the resurrection God, the God of death, attributes shared with the Scorpion. The Goddess Selket/Serket was a Goddess of magical protection and healing, who healed venomous stings, such as the sting of the scorpion, and who guarded the coffins of the dead as well as the canopic jars containing the precious organs removed during the mummification process.  

Here, the Oracle was originally created in homage to the Oracle at Delphi and I like to think of Scorpions wandering near there too….what could be achieved if we looked a little closer, if we examined a bit more closer ? If we paid attention to the miniature? Especially out in the wilderness? Or if we examined ourselves and our feelings a bit more closer ? Or each other ?

Magnifying lenses, in theory, enable the small/miniature things we are unable to see clearly, be shown with more clarity, by being enlarged when placed beneath the glass. While the piece is somewhat functional* as an object, as a talisman it urges its wearer to look closer, to seek the unseen, whether that be by examining our feelings and our unconscious with a deeper gaze, or turning our sights to others, to recognize and understand the struggle of our friends, peers and community, to foster a deeper sense of empathy. 


Over 400 millions years old (older than the Dinosaur or the Spider) the ancient Scorpion has been an image of both destruction and healing over the ages. Like the Spider, it is both nocturnal and poisonous, carrying potent venom in its stinger as well as a fierce strength in its front pincers. Many species of Scorpion are subterranean, often waiting underground in solitude, emerging to ensnare and devour its prey. This links Scorpion the Underworld like Spider; its unconscious, instinctual nature helps him conquer transformation within the shadowy depths.

Often feared with venom strong enough in some species to mortally poison man, these Scorpions act as a protective talisman and also a talisman of transformation. As an added layer of meaning: Scorpion also speaks to the Shadow Self of Carl Jung’s ideas on ‘Inner Alchemy’. Its ability to transform, its destructive and links to the underworld ( realm of shades and shadows) underline the idea of the Shadow; which is seen as the repressed, unwanted or unaccepted parts of oneself.

An extension of ‘Darkling, I Listen’ ~ this collection of jewels urges the wearer to move towards self-acceptance through the jewels as talismans. The process of individuation or transmutation is the process of becoming ‘whole’. For Jung, this didn’t mean becoming ‘good’, but becoming complete in the sense that one accepts all of their unconscious ‘faults’ as well as their experiences (their pasts) to become whole or complete. In ‘Inner Alchemy’ each phase of the alchemical process from antiquity was re-assigned new meanings: i.e. the quest for the philosopher's stone is truly a quest to become whole. In the 'Nigredo' process, everything is blackened, putrefied, 'killed' in a sense, to allow for new growth. It is during this phase in 'Inner Alchemy' that we are confronted with the knowledge our darker aspects, a phase in which we must accept our shadow selves. When we accept and acknowledge our more shadowy aspects, the parts of ourselves we have been conditioned to suppress, the parts of ourselves we hide from others as well as ourselves, we are on the path to wholeness. We become more accepting of our flaws, our darknesses. Having struggled with my own shadow self for many years, this talisman represents not only that long tangle with ‘darkness’, but our ability to become whole.



- 18mm at it's widest 

- 45mm from top to bottom 

- Solid Sterling Silver  

- 20mm round magnifying glass    

- Shown on Miguel with 20 inch chain 

- Shown on Jess with 30 inch chain 

- Both pendant and chain are hand oxidized to achieve our favorite shade of stormy gray and then highlighted to reveal the bright luminous silver beneath  

- Last image shows all three sizes for scale



Magnifying lenses magnify the small things we are unable to see clearly when placed beneath the glass, acting as a large, powerful ‘eye’. While the glass is fully functional as an object/tool, as a talisman it urges its wearer to look closer, to see/feel the invisible: whether that be by examining our feelings and our Shadow with a deeper gaze or turning our sights to others; to mindfully ‘see’ our friends, lovers, family, and community: to foster a deeper sense of empathy, to spark the current of transformation.


*Please note glass is hand cast and may have slight waves or imperfections in it. Please note that while this lens does magnify, it is not a professional grade magnifying lens. 


This jewel is handmade to order, just for you, with care and focus. Please allow approximately 5 weeks for creation before shipping.                   

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